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Yog Temple is a worldwide Yog center located at your door. You must be confused that how it is located at your door? Be happy because you do not have to come at our place we will be there to guide you and to train you at your place. We are specialized in organizing Yog camps. We generate camps at your doors. Base behind the foundation of this institute is to distribute the knowledge of yog to people and make them understand the tips by its techniques.We perform various training programs in yog and there are beginners and advanced level courses.

The word is Yog not yoga. Yoga comes from foreign countries but it is actually Yog in our Indian culture and its actual name. We train here for Pure Ashtang Yog.The treatment program of Yog, which goes back more than 6000 decades, is considered the earliest program of Medication in the World.

With the increase in psychological and physical diseases introduced about by modern residing, more and more people are now looking for the right assistance to live healthy lifestyles. "Yoga is about stilling the mind". It is an ancient practice that allows the yogi to turn away from a sense of 'me and my life' and instead dwell within to the happenings that are occurring in the moment.

The mind is seen just as a conditioned bunch of thoughts that operate according to ones priors events and karma.

Through the practice of yoga which includes Yoga Asana, Pranayama and meditation, one is able to dwell on the eternal presence and not get swayed by the temporary fluctuations that will occur in life.

The realistic sessions are managed by our expert and International yog guru Shree Manoj Garg who is dedicated in the viewpoint to heal the Mind, Body and Soul by unique yog strategy. He is a well trained and experienced yog guru not only in India but in other countries also.

After efficiently performing Yog exercises for decades Yog Temple has now started our own Camps at your doors service in the view of propagating genuine meaning of Yog. Yog and its concepts of residing have obtained remarkable reputation in the recent times.

As a result, there is a great demand for genuine Yog Asananas knowledge and way of life assistance. The Programs we offer provides you with an opportunity to learn about various factors of a healthier way of life expounded by yog.

Yog is to add Soul with the GOD. In the other way Yog is the science of purification of Body and Soul. Yog completely purifies the Body, mind and soul.Yog plays an important role in the development of a man’s qualities.


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